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Simply choose from customer favorites or create your own.

Flavor Ideas You’ll Love.

We’ve made the ordering process simple, so you can get the party started. Need some inspiration? Choose from the crowd-pleasing flavors listed below. Have a better idea? Describe your custom creation in the order form and we’ll work with you to create a decadent dessert that hits the spot.

coffee cupcake made with liquor

Blind Russian Mocha Cupcakes

These Blind Russian Mocha Cupcakes have a moist chocolate cake covered with a rich coffee liqueur frosting. Other liqueurs like Irish cream and Rumchata pair well with mocha and chocolate. If you have a favorite liqueur that you’d like to try in your cupcake, contact us for a treat that’s true to you.

wine flavored specialty cupcakes green bay

Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes

This power couple is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes have a moist chocolate cake covered with a delicious red wine frosting. We can take your favorite red wine and pair it with a creamy dark chocolate. If you’d like to try a white wine, they go well with fruit cupcakes for a bright and fun flavor combination.


Vanilla Whiskey Cupcakes

The Vanilla Whiskey Cupcakes are smooth and complex, a perfect blend for the distinguished gentleman. The vanilla frosting and cake brings just enough sweetness to the whiskey, creating a balanced finish. Dark liquors like whiskey or dark rum pair well with vanilla, cola, or chocolate flavored cupcakes.

where to order vodka cupcakes in green bay

Strawberry Berry Vodka Cupcakes

The Strawberry Berry Vodka Cupcakes have a bright and fresh sweetness to them. Berries are used in everything from the vodka, the frosting and the cake itself. Lighter liquors like vodka and gin are usually paired best with fruit flavored cupcakes and frosting.

where can i order beer cupcakes in green bay

Vanilla Pilsner Cupcakes

This is the one you can enjoy on Game Day. The Vanilla Pilsner Cupcakes are a great match for balanced sweetness with a smooth pilsner within the vanilla cake and frosting. While light beers pair well with vanilla cupcakes, dark beers, like a stout, pair well with a chocolate cupcake. Fruit beers tend to complement fruit cupcakes as well.

Missing your favorite flavor?

If you have a favorite drink you’d like to enjoy as a dessert, we’d be thrilled to work with you on a custom creation. It’s as easy as sharing your idea in the order form by clicking the button below.

About the baker.

Many great stories have humble beginnings, and the story of Dave Mayer is up there with the best of ’em. Introduced to baking by his mom and grandmother, Dave got his start baking cookies for his track and field team. It didn’t take long for Dave to become a baking machine. He quickly expanded to cakes, brownies, pies, and beyond. If you can name it, Dave can bake it!

Dave is an acclaimed baker. His display case of blue ribbons grows year after year. As word of his baking prowess spread far and wide, he wanted to bring a dessert that was uniquely his to Titletown, USA. He sought to create a new, exciting, adults-only dessert. He knew that his idea would be a perfect fit for Green Bay,

This is where Get Your Just Desserts was born. Dave began experimenting with flavor combinations between alcoholic beverages, cupcake flavors, and frosting.  Eventually, he struck the perfect balance needed to deliver a sweet, moist, cupcake with just the right amount of kick! Dave’s cupcakes are the perfect party favor for tailgating, bachelorette parties, college grad parties, and so much more. Dave can easily turn your favorite drink into a decadent treat.

It’s time to Get Your Just Dessert.